New Tregarne Hand-Held RF Woodwelder Complete

Tregarne manufactures the Woodwelder and an enormous range of clamping technology at their base in Hertfordshire, England. The team has a combined 90 years of clamping and RF experience which gives customers a great starting point when discussing new projects. Tregarne has moved the Woodwelder in to the 21st century with a huge improvement program, which has made the Woodwelder a great machine.

The development of the clamping range, from the PegBoard Clamp to more innovative bespoke solutions puts Tregarne as your number one clamping and Woodwelder partner.

Included with purchase: Hand Gun Supplied With Standard + Off Set Electrodes Sets and One Bottle of Glue




Additional information


150 lbs


66 × 43 × 44 cm


240 volt / 50hz (standard 13-amp 3-pin plug)

Generator frequency

Nominal 27.2 Mhz

Curing speed

3 – 10 seconds per weld


50mm effective


0.5 – 0.6 amps at 2400 volts (internal HT) on load


Hardwearing powder coated finish

Electrical Safety

Cabinet and fittings are fully earthed. Cutout switch isolates main power if rear access panel is removed. 10 amp panel-mounted fuse for protection.

Hand gun specification

Lightweight, easy to use hand gun. Incorporates on/off trigger, thumb-operated fine tuning control and R.F. power indicator meter. Supplied with 2 sets of electrodes.

Servicing and maintainance

A comprehensive range of spares are available from Tregarne and can usually be delivered next day. Repairs can be carried out within 1 – 2 days.


All new machines are covered by a standard 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Gibbs Group NA is an extension of Gibbs-Sandtech Ltd. based out of the UK. Our personnel have been working with the factory for a number of years to bring North America the best equipment possible in its space. Combined we have over 75 years’ experience in the woodworking industry.

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